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Submitted on
March 6, 2013


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:iconthepsychoanalysts: - This is my entry for the =FEATURE FEVER CONTEST=

The first 3 artists are for the contest. The rest is for a separate feature that I wanted to display as well. I repeat, only the first three artists are for the contest.

Here is the journal entry for the contest if anyone is interested in trying-


:thumb338601010: like a stranger by MentalHug Crystal Days by MentalHug ghosts by MentalHug :thumb300119750:


Crimson Obsolescence by scarletbelacqua Dead Already by scarletbelacqua cereal overdose by scarletbelacqua Glitter Storm by scarletbelacqua dazed by scarletbelacqua


glass by Einuhr das wilde kind by Einuhr shaman by Einuhr traeumen by Einuhr human forms by Einuhr

End of Contest Feature

Now I wanted to take the opportunity to feature a couple of artists that you may not know. They have some beautiful emotional work and I'm captivated by what they've accomplished. Check them out.


angel by isidasontz *** by isidasontz Memories part2 by isidasontz touch by isidasontz flashlight by isidasontz


she ran away in her sleep and dreamed of paradise by SaitouBou sleepy spring by SaitouBou Just by SaitouBou You Make My Dreams by SaitouBou pain. by SaitouBou pain by SaitouBou

Lastly I wanted to feature one other person. She is actually part of the group. However, I felt compelled to share her work with the rest of you. Her images are terrifyingly emotional, and soulful with meaning; all meshed into one beautiful composition. Please check out her portfolio.


: Into the dark : by sabbbriCA : Two Evil Eyes : by sabbbriCA Thanatos by sabbbriCA :: Breathing :: by sabbbriCA : Hide and Seek : by sabbbriCA :Thirst: by sabbbriCA

Thank you everyone! Enjoy! =D
  • Mood: Suffering
  • Listening to: Syd Barrett "The Madcap Laughs"
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MentalHug Mar 12, 2013   Photographer
Wow, thank you so much for featuring me! :aww:
McFlyky Mar 13, 2013   Traditional Artist
The pleasure is all mine =D
Hidden by Owner
thank you for taking part in the contest!
no we have to wait till the deadline :star:
McFlyky Mar 7, 2013   Traditional Artist
It was a lot of fun! and such a great idea, I've never seen a contest like this before :la:
CrimsonCreek Mar 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This is a lot of awesome artwork you chose! I'll have to look at them more closely later, but from a glance they're amazing.
You do great features :D
McFlyky Mar 7, 2013   Traditional Artist
Hehe, thanks! They are all truly amazing in their own way :nod:
So much fantastic work!!!....Thank you !!!...I shall have plenty to look at!!
McFlyky Mar 7, 2013   Traditional Artist
No probs! :dummy: I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
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